Geophysical works in JSC "NVNIIGG"

(Mikheev S.I. )

In the article the detailed information is presented, concerning the current state and the prospects of geophysical works carried out in the institute. There is given the list of the most significant (in author's opinion) researches in the sphere of geophysics, carried out by the specialists of the institute over a period of more than half of a century history of its existence.......

  • 2016  № 3, pp. 82-90

About information technologies development in geological and oil and gas industry

(Kirillov S.A. )

It is substantiated in the article the need for development of the new system of information technologies in geological and oil and gas Russian industry. As the main objective of information technologies development project in geological and oil and gas Russian industry, the author suggests to create the perfect software tools, intended for unifying expert models (VEM) of oil-and-gas producing objects creation, which will dynamically combine the characteristics of oil-and-gas fields and business-processes of their prospecting, exploration and development, raw materials processing and energy resources sale.......

  • 2016  № 2, pp. 8-14

Application of the leading-edge technologies for processing and migration of wide-azimuthal seismic data in the southwest part of Caspian sea basin

(Uzhakin B.A. Buleev S.E. Kalinichenko G.P. Safronova O.N. Voronovicheva E.M. Smirnov K.A. )

The article presents the results of application of technologies, including noise rejection with signal characteristics conservation, velocity reconstruction for subsurface with complex topology of the boundaries and data depth migration, subject to the specifics of the section geologic structure and 3D survey parameters.......

  • 2016  № 2, pp. 15-21

Computer technologies for geological study and analysis of the resource potential of prospective areas

(Kirillov S.A. )

It is substantiated in the article the need for Russian bundled software creation, intended for digital geological model development, to ensure the fulfillment of processing and interpretation of the seismic and geophysical well logging methods data, sections and maps construction, visualization of the results of all stages of processing, interpretation and model development.......

  • 2016  № 2, pp. 22-26