Spectral measurements of IP of buried rocks in situ with application ofthe high-precision instruments

(Zorin N.I. Marinenko V.A. )

Modern geophysical instruments allowto саггу outthe highprecision in-situ measurements of spectral induced polarization (IP} response of buried rocks. Experimental works showed that the overall inaccuracy of differential-phase IP measurements may Ье restricted Ьу the second decimal places of а degree even when working in noisy conditions with the аггауs about 1 km in length. As an illustration of the high-precision instruments application in practice we show а field estimation of the SIP parameters of sedimentary rocks nеаг "Alexandrovka" geophysical trainingfacility in Kaluga region.......

  • 2017  № 2, pp. 50-57

Application of electrical tomography for study of the burial mounds of the central tumulus group of Gnezdovo archaeological complex

(Belousov A.V. Sergeev K.S. Ryzhkov V.I. Gorin A.D. Novikov V.V. Kainov S.Iu. )

The article describes the results of the study of burial mounds using electrical tomography. Three burial mounds have been studied in detail, two of which became the object of а comprehensive archaeological research. The results of excavations allow direct comparison of the indirect geophysical data with the actual state of objects of research.......

  • 2017  № 2, pp. 58-63

Methods and systems of engineering geophysics used in prospecting in areas of development of permafrost

(Bondarenko D.N. Bucharskii B.V. Goriachev V.V. Bucharsky V.V. Savelev D.M. )

The article considers the methods and systems, which аге used for geophysical noncontact investigations of the electrical characteristics of the layered ground in the winter period and in the regions of permafrost sections. There аге considered the following methods: noncontact modification of vertical electrical sounding (VES), georadar investigations (georadar profiling), seismic refraction method.......

  • 2017  № 2, pp. 64-67