The contemporary technology of extra-heavy crude oil pools exploration оп the basis of geophysical methods complex

(Titarenko I.A. Titarenko I.A. Sokolova I.P. Titarenko A.V. Titarenko A.V. )

The article describes ап application of integrated geophysical technology based оп seismic and electrical prospecting methods, including new methods of fieldwork and authoring experience of interpretation of the results. lt is demonstrated the possibllity of successful use of the proposed technology fог decision of the ргоЫеms of search and exploration of extra-heavy crude oil pools occurring in Permian sedimentary complex.......

  • 2017  № 2, pp. 92-95

Integration of telemetry systems family XZone on the basis of LLC "Dongeophysika" experience

(Krutov A.L. Zaporozhetc B.V. Leontev I.V. )

In the article is presented seismic data acquisition complex that is used by LLC "Dongeophysika" when carrying out seismic survey in the shallow water, transition and land adjacent zones. In authors' judgment, the further development of this complex is possible by means of its integration with the wireless autonomous modules and unified central recording station. This will ensure effective fulfillment the junction of seismic surveys in different zones.......

  • 2017  № 1, pp. 8-14

Experimental-methodical works on testing of wireless seismic data acquisition system "SCOUT"

(Pogretckii A.V. Strekalov A.Ia. Zhitkevich Iu.B. Rodin D.V. Mekhonoshin V.P. )

The article presents the results of testing wireless seismic data acquisition system "SCOUT" in a difficult orohydrographical and low-temperature conditions of Western Siberia. The work was commissioned by the LLC "Gazprom Geologorazvedka" in the framework of the State program for the replacement of imported equipment. The results of testing indicate that the system "SCOUT" successfully passed the test. The article analyzes the advantages and necessary modifications of the system.......

  • 2017  № 1, pp. 15-24