Methodological techniques for the study of nearsurface structure by direct and reversed uphole velocity survey

(Gafarov R.M. Dagaev I.L. Kramarenko S.Iu. )

In the article are considered near-surface structure study methodological procedures making use of the method of direct and inverted uphole velocity survey in the process of 3D seismic survey for the purpose of static corrections calculation and optimum depth of shot holes below the base of low-velocity layer determination.......

  • 2017  № 1, pp. 69-78

On criterion base of oil and gas research in Volga and Caspian regions

(Vorobev V.Ia. Vorobeva E.V. Kononov Iu.S. )

In the article the matters of oil and gas bearing forecasting system of criterions and its use with regard to Volga and Caspian regions are considered. The great consideration is given to lithology-stratigraphical, facio-paleogeographical and structural-tectonic criterions of oil and gas bearing as being an attribute ones in the prognostic-and-prediscovery process. Besides, the filtrating-capacitive features of the collector-rocks and cover, the features of hydrogeochemical and thermobarometric regimes are considered as an important criterions of oil-gas bearing. Oil or gas field (accumulation) discovery as a result of oil and gas research specifies transition from oil and gas resources appraisal to deposits preparation in the course of further geological (and) geophysical investigations.......

  • 2017  № 1, pp. 79-91