Shallow structure study by means of TELSS-VSP complex

(Fedotov A.S. Fedotov S.A. )

In the article an application of TELSS-VSP complex with telemetry data transmission from the downhole device is described, with regard to definition of the interval velocity values along the survey well.......

  • 2016  № 4, pp. 58-61

Integrated application of pulse electrical prospecting methods in the aggregate with CMP-3D seismic survey for prediction of the depths of shot holes under conditions of the near-surface section complex structure

(Dmitriev Iu.Iu. Logovskoi V.I. Glazunov V.V. Gotc I.A. Tcybin V.F. Efimova N.N. )

The paper describes methodology of complex electric exploration with the Electro-magnetic Scanning and the Ground Penetrating Radar techniques to predict the depths of shot holes used in seismic surveys. Selection of the borehole location and drilling methods becomes critical in conditions when shallow resistant bed rock is overlapped with thin layers of fine grained soils. The performed survey confirmed high efficiency of such complex exploration in predicting shot hole depths when the near-surface section is characterized with complex subsurface geology.......

  • 2016  № 4, pp. 62-73

The choice of the sampling interval that is sufficient for seismic data interpretation problems solving

(Vlasov S.V. Sharin S.V. Shchelkunov A.E. )

In the article the problem of the sampling interval choice is considered that is necessary and sufficient for seismic recording and processing in view of geological interpretation as the backend of seismic exploration. The authors consider that when calculating the sampling interval on the phase of project definition and data processing flow selection, it is necessary to make a start from the required vertical resolution subject to a priory information about geological structure of acquisition area.......

  • 2016  № 4, pp. 74-79

Regional seismic surveys CMP 2D/4C in shallow-water basin environment

(Zakharov N.V. )

In the article Is given an account of the experience of practical application of multiwave seismic in CMP 2D/4C modification in the exercise of regional seismic surveys in shallow-water basin environment. An analysis of the field data accessed is carried out and the means of their quality enhancement are considered.......

  • 2016  № 4, pp. 81-89

On the influence of the oil shales lithological composition in Volga shale-bearing basin upon their technological parameters

(Vorobeva E.V. Iliasov V.S. Staroverov V.N. )

This article is dedicated to the problem of oil shale development in Volga basin. It describes the main lithotype properties and their technological parameters. Based on this data some conclusions have been made about the influence of oil shale lithotypes properties on their quality. Concentration of organic matter, with colloalginite being the most important component, and the value of TOC have the biggest influence on oil shales quality. Low ratio of clay and silt component, Si02 AI203 and high value of HI (>1000) has influence on oil shales quality as well.......

  • 2016  № 4, pp. 92-102