Crosshole seismic survey - experience, methodology, equipment

(Oshkin A.N. Ermakov R.Iu. Ragozin N.A. Ignatev V.I. )

In the article the current situation in the sphere of the crosshole seismic survey is considered. Applied equipment, field techniques and recorded field data are described. The field data are given in the capacity of a benchmark for the further operations with them.......

  • 2016  № 3, pp. 37-47

High and very high seismoacoustics data acquisition technique based on the surveying system SplitMultiSeis

(Biriukov E.A. Isaenkov R.I. Ponimaskin A.I. Ivanova V.V. Tokarev A.M. )

In this article the most important requirements, the seismoacoustics data should meet for successful solution of engineering problems, are considered. Implementation of high and very high resolution data acquisition technique based on the two-level three-frequency surveying system SplitMultiSeis is described......

  • 2016  № 3, pp. 49-59

Oil-and-gas occurrence and hydrocarbon resource potential formation features in the south-east of Russian plate

(Oreshkin I.V. Oreshkin A.I. Novikov S.A. Nysanova A.S. Tulegenova G.P. )

The paper deals with the mechanisms of oil and gas deposit formation in the Caspian and in the south of the Volga-Ural petroleum-bearing provinces. The leading role of the dominant complexes in formation of the major MC deposits in the Caspian Region is demonstrated, as well as the substantial influence of the MC migration from the Caspian Depression on formation of the resource potential in the south of the Volga-Ural province.......

  • 2016  № 3, pp. 62-70

The system of seismic data quality estimation

(Iachmeneva L.V. Shkuratov O.I. )

In the article the problem of the sampling interval choice is considered that is necessary and sufficient for seismic recording and processing subject to geological interpretation as the backend of seismic exploration. The authors consider that when calculating the sampling interval on the phase of project definition and data processing flow selection, it is necessary to make a start from the required vertical resolution subject to a priory information about geological structure of acquisition area.......

  • 2016  № 3, pp. 71-75

Real-time quality control and marine seismic data processing system GEOGALS

(Nedospasov A.A. )

The article presents real-time quality control and marine seismic data on-shipboard processing system GEOGALS that is developed on the base of existent Russian software. The system constituent software modules are described. For all this, at the centre of attention is "Real-time quality control" software module.......

  • 2016  № 3, pp. 76-80