Issues of the journals Приборы и системы разведочной геофизики 2015 y. issue 1

Big problems

(Savitckii A.V. )

The basic results of geological and geophysical studies of JSC "Dalmorneftegeofizika" in the Far East seas and seas of the Arctic are discussed along with the major problems hindering the efficient operations of the service geophysical companies on the continental shelf of Russia. New promising directions, allowing to increase the resources of hydrocarbons, are considered.......

  • 2015  № 1, pp. 8-14

Influence of instability of excitation parameters on the acoustic characteristics of pneumatic group for marine seismic sources

(Gulenko V.I. Rudakov A.V. )

In this paper we consider the impact on the excited seismic signal of instability of pressure parameters due to the influence of many factors: the volume of the working chambers of individual emitters, their number in the group, the distance between the transmitters and their geometry, the operating pressure of compressed air, the depth, degree of synchronicityetal.......

  • 2015  № 1, pp. 15-23

An integrated approach to the development of optimal technical conditions for carrying out 3D seismic surveys in the shallow part of the shelf of the Pechora Sea

(Gorbachev S.V. Titov A.B. )

The paper presents an example of selecting techniques for seismic surveying to study offshore areas in the arctic climate on an example of a particular area. The comparison of streamer and OBC technologies is made. Assessed are the pro et contra of all technologies for specific conditions. Recommendations are provided on the use of different surveying systems to solve geological problems.......

  • 2015  № 1, pp. 32-41