Issues of the journals Приборы и системы разведочной геофизики 2015 y. issue 2

Forecast technology of resource attractiveness based on the complex of nonseismic methods

(Volkova E.N. Ryskin M.I. Shigaev V.Iu. )

The article considers rational complex developed in Saratov state university for ranging of territories according to their oil and gas perspectives. The complex includes geophysical and geochemical methods, which provide with mutually complementary information about oil and gas content of the structures before well drilling and uniquely determination of exploration wells location.......

  • 2015  № 2, pp. 8-11

Electrical survey complex AGE-xxl -10 years of innovation and progress

(Krugliakov E.A. )

In this paper are considered hardware configuration and capabilities of electrical survey complex AGR-xxl developed by "KruKo" company. Application of this complex for geophysical survey using electrotomography method is considered. Software package WLF, developed by the company, is used for processing of electrical survey data.......

  • 2015  № 2, pp. 12-18

Offshore electrical survey prospects for hydrocarbons exploration

(Tulupov A.V. Lisitcyn E.D. Petrov A.A. Lobkovskii L.I. Roginskii K.A. Kiasper V.E. )

This article discusses background and results of application of offshore electrical survey for hydrocarbons exploration. Accumulated world experience indicates of significant increasing of drilling success factor when the data provided by electrical survey are used. Methods of the section partitioning according to its resistivity and for definition of zone with abnormal polarization features induced by epigenetic changes due to hydrocarbons influence, are described. The leading-edge lines of development of the technology are discussed.......

  • 2015  № 2, pp. 19-29

Application of near-surface electrical survey for statics definition

(Seleznev V.A. Mikheev S.I. )

In the article theoretical background and practical aspects of application of near-surface electrical survey for statics definition in CDP method are considered. Arising problems and possible ways of their solving are discussed.......

  • 2015  № 2, pp. 30-41