Issues of the journals Приборы и системы разведочной геофизики 2015 y. issue 4

The current state of vibroseis survey. Review of methods

(Zhukov A.P. Shneerson M.B. )

Review of the modern vibroseis survey methods is presentedin the article. The authors have demonstrated that an arsenal ofvibroseis survey has significant potential of data quality and fieldoperations productivity improvement on the base of practicalapplication of new technologies.......

  • 2015  № 4, pp. 11-18

Methods of seismic prospecting in the zones withecologic restrictions

(Gurev S.V. Iurov A.A. Patcev V.P. )

It is shown in the article that use of the compact impulsesources of the seismic waves (explosive and nonexplosive) andapplication of the dense acquisition configurations provides moredetailed representation of earth structure, improves the quality ofobtained sections in comparison with the "classic" system and considerably decreases environmental loadin the seismic exploration area.......

  • 2015  № 4, pp. 19-26

Experience of application of nonexplosive impulsesources "Geoton-15" in seismogeological conditionsof Pripyat deflection

(Gromyko V.M. Lopukhov G.P. Iurov A.A. Smolianchenko O.V. Panko Iu.G. )

It is shown in the article that the group of nonexplosiveimpulse sources "Geoton" type enables to solve the problems of welllogging seismic studies of subsurface velocity distribution and of moreprecise definition of borehole environment geology, in round-the-clock operation. This reduces VSP time and cuts down wellconstruction expenses.......

  • 2015  № 4, pp. 27-30