Issues of the journals Приборы и системы разведочной геофизики 2016 y. issue 1

Experience of application of statistical quality control principles when carrying out seismic exploration

(Mamaev D.A. Dagaev I.L. Kramarenko S.Iu. )

In the article is proposed an estimation procedure of seismogram quality criterions for maximum number of parameters with utilization of statistical analysis of experimental surveys results and 10% of the first carried out physical observations for the purpose of determination of maximum likely values for any region of seismic prospecting with various technologies used. Statistical approach to evaluation of limit tolerances was used for several areas in different regions of Russia and proved to be a reliable method of determining of actually accessible indexes.......

  • 2016  № 1, pp. 8-16

Development of quick methods of the field data quality assessment on the base of wavelet transforms

(Runnova A.E. Khramov A.E. Krylov A.A. )

The article deals with the study of the various adaptation possibilities referring the continuous wavelet analysis for diagnosing specific wave components of the seismic digital data. The methods for constructing the continuous wavelet transform bases founded on the experimental geophysical data are developed. The results of the experimental data are presented. The feasibilities and prospects of wavelets application for quick field data quality assessment are appreciated.......

  • 2016  № 1, pp. 17-22

Seismic data qualimetry problems

(Cherepovskii A.V. Shekhtman G.A. )

It is shown in the article that adoption ofan advanced field seismic technologies calls for concurrent change of the approaches to QC of the field data. Automatic transfer of QC quantitative characteristics qualified for seismic surveys with low or medium fold of coverage is unacceptable for the survey technologies with high and superhigh fold of coverage and locks them down substantially. As of VSP, the question of the day is quantitative assessment of QC results of VSP data, for horizontal components of borehole device, especially. And this is qualimetry.......

  • 2016  № 1, pp. 23-32

Some modern capabilities and specifics of seismic data quality control in field

(Demidov N.I. Iospa V.M. )

The current state of quality control (QC) the seismic data on the base of seismic attributes is considered. It is shown that the attributive QC technology, developed on the basis of the software package SPW-3-Field, provides the capabilities for quality control of the seismic data in conditions of crew base or directly in the data acquisition system in real-time mode. It can be used for efficient quality control of the seismic data, recorded by cable-free seismic data acquisition system......

  • 2016  № 1, pp. 33-41