Issues of the journals Приборы и системы разведочной геофизики 2014 y. issue 3

In Russia, the success accompanies the farsighted!

(Turlov P.A. )

Dear colleagues and friends! Although this issue will fall into your hands after September 7th, we - Editorial - sincerely and heartily congratulate you on your professional holiday - Day of the oil and gas industry! We wish you and your loved ones good health, prosperity, success!......

  • 2014  № 3, pp. 5-5

Monitoring of microseismic emissions - a new direction for seismic

(Chirkin I.A. Rizanov E.G. Koligaev S.O. )

The article deals with the problem of efficiency of modern seismic CMP survey. Proposed and analyzed are the alternative methods based on the study of microseismic waves emission. Examples of the works in this direction are provided and the effectiveness of the technology to solve various geological-field problems on an example of deposits in the Ural-Volga region, Western Siberia and abroad is shown.......

  • 2014  № 3, pp. 6-15